One of the conditions for success of the KHIDMA / DAARAS project, which is also one of its major challenges, will be to communicate effectively with the target populations (beneficiary daaras actors, religious communities, sponsors, partners, etc.) Transparency in the management of the funds raised.

The Communication on the Project includes:

· Sessions of presentations of the project with the actors of the daaras;

· Awareness-raising campaigns with leaders of religious communities, structures affiliated to these communities (Dahiras, associations etc.), prominent socio-religious actors, potential patrons, etc., in Senegal and abroad;

· Visits to other opinion leaders and structures concerned with the daaras issues (public authorities, NGOs, associations, etc.);

· Organizing press briefings, seminars and other events to serve as media platforms for the popularization of the initiative, etc. ;

· Popularization at international level, in particular on Internet media (websites, social networks, etc.).

To ensure transparency in the management of the project, prospective sponsors will receive the "Charter of the Sponsor", which defines all conditions and guarantees placed at their disposal; and which they will have to approve in advance and serve as protocol of reference. Activities carried out with the financial resources received from the sponsors will be regularly published on the project website. The sponsors, who will have a personal login access, will be able to log in at any time on the official website of the project to verify the use of their contributions and, if necessary, go to check directly on the spot the reality of the indicated services. With the possibility of referring to the Ethics Committee of the Project for any complaint about an anomaly found.

This Ethical Committee of KHIDMA / DAARAS is the body responsible for verifying the transparency of procedures and the sincerity of the project. This committee is made up of the stakeholders of the beneficiary daaras, representatives of religious communities, researchers and other recognized opinion leaders.