The different objectives that KHIDMA / DAARAS intend to achieve are as follows:

· Actively support Daaras, helping them to find endogenous sources of funding among members of Senegalese religious communities and among all people of good will;

· To achieve, in close synergy with the actors of the Daaras themselves, the ambitious objective of eradicating the begging and the precariousness of Talibés children (different from the "street children") which harm their image, throughout Senegal and beyond;

· Cooperate with all public and private structures or people of goodwill who are capable of helping it in its mission, while respecting its ethical principles and rules (knowing that the prioritization of Senegalese religious communities in the search for funding does not exclude external contributions to these communities);

· Contribute to any reflection on the improvement of the socio-economic, educational and organizational conditions of daaras;

     · Develop a complete daaras information system, including digitized mapping, made available through an online platform.