The overwhelming majority of daaras in Touba do not own the premises they occupy. Some reside in unoccupied houses, temporarily lent to them by their owners (usually living outside Touba). A situation exposing them to a certain precariousness, when, for example, the owner suddenly wishes to move into his house or even sell it to a third party (shocking cases of daaras brutally being "kicked out" have been reported).

Other daaras of Touba choose, for their part, to rent houses (between 50,000 and 100,000 FCFA). Thus, their already limited financial resources (especially "social cases" for which the parents are no longer paying) often result in many arrears that are difficult to pay. Hence the refusal of more and more owners in Touba to rent their houses to daaras, in addition to the reputation of insalubrity and poor maintenance of the premises in the daaras. A situation that is all the more damaging, in view of the natural vocation of the city of Touba to be a center par excellence of the Koran and of knowledge in general. And the strong potential of the Mouride community, which lacks neither the means nor the skills to solve this recurring problem.

KHIDMA / DAARAS proposes to make its contribution to the lasting resolution of this problem of premises, through a major and rather ambitious initiative. This consists of the construction of new daaras on the land made available by the actors of the daaras (Koranic masters, sponsors etc.). Thus, the funds received from the sponsorships will be used to settle the monthly rental / sales charges for the new daaras to be built (called "DaarasKhidma"). The financing scheme for the construction of these new daaras (financial guarantees, technical partners for the construction, duration of the annuities to be paid etc.) have already been defined by GSI and will be communicated to the sponsors.

Three models of "DAARAS KHIDMA" have been designed, each adapted to the available land surface and to the type of education chosen by the daara promoter (exclusive Koranic teaching, teaching of the Koran accompanied by other religious subjects, languages, Computer science, etc.). All models will be equipped with a solar power station that will power the daara, while reducing the electricity bill for the developer. The most modern construction techniques, with very solid materials, will allow for the construction of a large number of daaras, in extremely short times, and with very affordable costs.