The main venue on which KHIDMA / DAARAS intends to make a lasting change is the system of sponsorship of daaras (called "Sas" in Wolof, or voluntary contributions) by good will belonging primarily to religious communities.

The scheme of operation of this system comprises 3 steps:

1. Preparatory Stage

· Identification of the daaras eligible for the project (these will have to meet a certain number of criteria, including the promoter's commitment to cooperate with the project and respect the set standards);

· Establish a database for these Daaras: geographical location by GPS, staff, problems sorted by priority, programs, quality of education etc. (See in Appendix the model form to be completed by each daaras candidate);

· Enrollment of daaras or of the children as candidates for sponsorship;

· Search for sponsors from religious communities (physical or legal persons, Dahiras, patrons), in Senegal or abroad.

· The membership of sponsors residing in a country such as the United States is facilitated by the status 501 C3 of the NGO “Global Solidarity Initiative”. Indeed, this status will allow sponsors living and working in this country to deduct from their taxable income the donations to GSI. Steps have been taken for residents of other countries to benefit from similar tax advantages.

· Companies (especially those residing in the holy city of Touba) will also be solicited to sponsor daaras, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The same approach will be initiated among major business people from the religious communities. A label "NDEYI DAARA" will be awarded to companies or Dahiras who are particularly active in sponsorship drives, to motivate them even more.


2. Choice of Sponsorship Models

To all potential sponsors, it will be offered two formulas of sponsorships to choose from:

· Individual sponsorship (per child)

· Collective sponsorship (per daara)

2.1 Individual Sponsorship (per child)

In this formula, each sponsor freely chooses the number of children they consider to be able to sponsor, at the rate of 28 Dollars/Euros per child per month (15,000 CFA). This amounts to less than a Dollar/Euro donation per day. With this formula (more adapted to some), the sponsor will be entitled to a personalized follow-up of the sponsored child (including his level of education, nutritional status, health etc.)

The proposed individual sponsorship options are as follows:

· Barkélou (less than 10 children): Amount of 28 to 252 Dollars/Euros per month (15,000 CFA to 135,000 CFA)

· Jaayanté (+10 children): Amount starting at 280 Dollars/Euros per month (150,000 CFA)

The sponsors can fulfill their commitments on a monthly or annual basis (corresponding to 336 Dollars/Euros, 180,000 CFA per child per year).

2.2 Collective Sponsorship (by Daara)

This formula, which is most interesting for religious communities and groups, allows sponsors to sponsor one or more daaras, at a rate of 168 Dollars/Euros per child per month (104,000 FCFA); which corresponds to individual sponsorships for 6 children (6 x $ 28 = $ 168). With this formula, the sponsors will be entitled to a follow-up of the general situation of the sponsored Daara (local, sanitary conditions, quality of the food, charts of the children having memorized the Koran etc.)

The proposed collective sponsorship options are as follows:

· Barkélou / Daara for a group of sponsors (friends, dahiras etc.) split the 168 Dollars / Euros per month. Example: 6 friends wishing to collectively take care of a daara, can each pay 28 Dollars / Euros per month (Total per year: 168 x 12 = 2016 Dollars / Euros, or 1,248,000 CFA)

· Jayanté / Daara for a sponsor who decides to pay alone $ 168 Dollars / Euros per month (Total per year: 168 x 12 = 2016 Dollars / Euros, or 1,248,000 CFA)

· Ndeyi / Daara (or Baayi / Daara) for a sponsor undertaking to take charge of 10 Daaras or more (usually patrons or Dahiras): Amount from 1680 Dollars / Euro per month (1,040,000 FCFA). (Total per year: 1680 x 12 = 20,160 Dollars / Euro, or 12,480,000 CFA)

3. Management of Donations

· Sponsorship resources will be used to support the integral development of children and the sponsored Daaras (housing, food, environment, access to drinking water, hygiene, health, education, educational activities, etc.)

· Some of these resources (20%) are devoted to project management activities by GSI staff, other long-term investments in KHIDMA / DAARAS and other GSI projects (KHIDMA / SANTE, KHIDMA / SOCIAL etc.). );

· Sponsors will have access to means of oversight to ensure the appropriate use of funds made available. Any discrepancies identified may be appealed to the Ethics Committee for the Project.