Who We Are
 Zacharie Tossou is Co-founder of Global Solidarity and heads the organization as President and Chief Executive Officer. He has over 20 years experience with humanitarian assistance, economic development, health, food and agricultural programs, as well as finance and audit management. His extensive experience spans non-governmental organizations as well as private consultancies. Zacharie has worked with US, international and UN development agencies in implementing solutions throughout West Africa. He also brings strong strategic planning knowledge and skills acquired through his roles as Regional Finance Director, Head of Delegation and Country Director of some of the most prominent organizations in the region. A native of Senegal, he received a Masters degree in Finance and Management. Zacharie is fluent in French, Fulani and Wolof. He is married and has three children.
Frederick D. Gessner, a native of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, graduated from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. For the past six years, he has actively established working relationships in West Africa to create humanitarian programs to enhance the health and well being of the peoples of the region. His primary focus has been clean water, improvements in the general health of the region’s populations and reduction in diseases caused by mosquito born pathogens. With offices in Mauritania, Mali and Niger, Mr. Gessner has been able to work directly with government agencies to fulfill these goals. As a founding member of Global Solidarity, Mr. Gessner serves as Director of Enterprise Development and on the Executive Committee. He joins with other professionals to bring meaningful change to regions of need worldwide.

Jennifer Gagel has 20+ years’ experience working in healthcare, banking and insurance – with a primary focus in program and project management. She has managed many large, strategic efforts spanning across acquisitions, outsourcing, technology, operations and analytics. J


A. Aziz Mbacke Majalis is a prominent Senegalese scholar and writer. He is the founder of Majalis, one of the major digital projects devoted to African Muslim cultural heritage (see www.majalis.org). As a scholar, Serigne Aziz has written several books and articles about peaceful values of tolerance and progress taught by Senegalese Sufis masters, and has presented lectures about to worlwide audience. He also organized in 2015 in cooperation with Columbia University (New York) avery successful International Conference on Islam and Peace (see www.islampeaceconference.com). Mr. Mbacke leads GSI in Senegal and has initiated KHIDMA INITIATIVE, devoted to education, health and economic growth for vulnerable populations.


A mathematician by training, Momar Dieng‘s primary interest is in identifying and addressing system frictions that impede development in sub-Saharan Africa. He contributes to development and business projects across the continent by bringing to bear a unique combination of technical, policy and entrepreneurial skills. Until recently, Momar Dieng served as Senior Economic Policy Advisor in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs of the Republic of Liberia. His work included providing technical expertise and strategic advice on Liberia’s postwar reconstruction and long-term economic strategy, “Liberia RISING 2030”.

Momar is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Africa Web Services, an information and communications technology firm servicing African public institutions and private enterprises. He currently advises partners such as the City of Dakar whose technology services overhaul he spearheaded. Some of his noteworthy ICT projects have included a web portal that facilitates civil society participation and monitoring of election processes in Senegal. After spending 14 years in the USA, Momar relocated to the continent because he firmly believes in the Diaspora’s unique role and responsibility as a catalyst for long-term development. He sees a generational opportunity to formulate and implement an inclusive, yet Africa-centered, development paradigm to guide transformation.

Momar holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of California at Davis, studied development economics and public administration at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and has several publications, ranging from String Theory to the forensics of election fraud. He will serve on Global Solidarity’s Executive Committee.
Michael Reed is Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics and former Director of
International Programs for Agriculture at the University of Kentucky. Reed holds a Ph.D. in
economics from Iowa State University (1979); a Doctor Honoris Causa (Honorary Ph.D) from
Bucharest University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (Romania); and an
Honorary Ph.D. from the Faculty of Business Administration, Maejo University (Thailand).
Reed’s principal area of research is international trade in agricultural products, including
the effects of macroeconomic policies and exchange rates on U.S. food exports, international
commodity price dynamics, consumer demand in various countries, and the effects of
competition patterns on world agricultural trade patterns. He has also worked on development
projects throughout the world.



Global Solidarity Initiative, Inc. is an international, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. Our mission is to inspire global human solidarity to reduce suffering in the world’s most vulnerable groups by providing the means and knowledge to increase their self-capacity. We are focused on implementing healthcare and developmental initiatives with significant, sustainable, positive impact. Global Solidarity is global human power.


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